• Lionel Coudron has been giving yoga classes in La Varenne for over 25 years.
  • Ideally located in the heart of this Saint Maur des Fossés, near the Carrefour des 4 chemins (place Jean Moulin), the yoga studio welcomes you for 6 classes per week.
  • These classes are for everyone. There are no levels in these 6 yoga classes.


8 bis av. de la Révolution Française

94210 Saint Maur

Tel : 01 84 16 02 77


Tuesday : 18h45
Tuesday : 20h00
Wednesday : 18h45 
Wednesday : 20h00
Thursday : 18h45
Thursday : 20h00

Every class lasts one hour, please arrive ten minutes before the start of the class. 


20 euros (deductible from the subscription)

390 euros for one course per week and for the whole school period (from September 6 to June 30).
550 euros for 2 lessons per week

For the first quarter (September to December) :
180 euros for one class per week
240 euros for 2 lessons per week

55€ per month for one class per week
75€ per month for 2 classes per week

Courses are given during school periods, from the beginning of September to the end of June. There are no classes during school holidays (Toussaint, Christmas, February, Easter).

For a subscription during the period, the amount is calculated in proportion to the number of classes remaining.

The subscription fee is fixed for a given period (month, trimester, year). It is made for a specific time. In case of absence, as far as possible (i.e. available space), it is possible to make up the course at another time, exclusively within the same period. It is possible to split the payment into several cheques after agreement.


Yoga... For who ?

The studio is favourable for calm and rejuvenation.

  • You live at an accelerated pace, your daily life is punctuated by stress and you want to feel good in your head.
  • You have back pain, you are anxious, you have trouble sleeping and you want to feel good in your body.
  • You’ve practiced yoga before, you know it makes you feel good and you want to get back into it, deepen your experience.

Yoga can meet your expectations.

Yoga... What for?

Yoga is a method that involves us through the experience of our body, our breathing, our thoughts.

This approach is based on a set of postures, breathing exercises, methods of concentration and relaxation. It teaches us to give intelligence back to our body, to better discipline our breathing and calm our thoughts. Progressively we develop our ability to be more serene.

For thousands of years, this method has proven itself and is now confirmed by hundreds of scientific studies. Its different means, now at our disposal, are accessible to everyone and adapt to our individual particularities. Yoga does not require flexibility or special predispositions. It must adapt to all possibilities and limits. It takes into account the whole person and therefore offers a coherent set of physical and mental exercises.

The learning of yoga can be done through weekly classes, yoga weeks and weekends or even trainings that we offer.