The Institut de YogaThérapie’s training program is designed for yoga teachers wishing to perfect their training to better understand their students and adapt their courses. It is also designed for all medical and paramedical staff wishing to better understand pathologies and to add complementary tools to their usual practice. 

The yogatherapy training is therefore reserved for these professions only. It is based on an application, which must be accepted.

For the medical and paramedical staff, it is essential to have practiced yoga for at least 2 years (please enclose a certificate when submitting your application).

As all the courses are held in French, it is vital for students to have a solid knowledge of French language. 

Health professionals: medical and paramedical staff

The Institut de YogaThérapie’s training offers healthcare personnel the opportunity to enrich their understanding of patients and pathologies with new skills, in addition to their initial training and experience. By approaching the physiological and psychological fields together, it enables them to link their different medical knowledge in order to achieve a better global approach of the patient.

Furthermore, this training program allows a better understanding of the action of yoga, relaxation and meditation. It allows to discover new tools (all of which have been validated by university studies and are used by the medical community), applicable on a daily basis within the framework of their professional activity, and thus give patients simple and effective means to take care of themselves.

Yoga teachers

The Institut de YogaThérapie’s training offers yoga teachers a complement to their initial training in order to deepen their knowledge in the physiological and psychological fields. In this context, it allows a better understanding of the mechanisms of action of yoga and its benefits.

Furthermore, it allows to discover the different pathologies, the exercises indicated and contraindicated for each of them, and how to take care of students presenting these pathologies during group classes.

Finally, it allows you to set up specific yoga therapy classes, in order to follow students who present a particular request (sleep disorders, lumbar pain, pregnancy, osteoarthritis, etc.) and who need to be taken care of in private classes.