For the 2021-2023 training course 
(third promotion in e-learning)
you can apply here starting on the 1st of March 2021


We are no longer accepting applications for the start of the 2020 school year. You can nevertheless leave your contact information and, on the 1st of March 2021, we will be sure to send you an application form for next year’s training session, which you can fill out and send back to the Institute. 

Please note that the number of places is limited. 


Application requirements

When you will be filling out your application file, make sure to explain in detail the reasons for your motivation and your professional project as a yogatherapist. 

You will also have to provide: 

  • A recent identity picture;
  • Your certificates and/or professional diplomas; 
  • A declaration on your honor that you have been practicing yoga for more than 2 years if you are a health professional. 

When you submit your application, you will not be immediately informed if your application has been accepted. You will be informed of your application’s status at the latest 2 or 3 months after its submission. 

Once your application has been accepted, you will receive a link to pay the tuition. 

In order for your application to be definitively accepted, your payment must be accepted and you must have accepted and signed the Institute’s internal regulations, which shall have been previously sent to you.


Applications on an individual basis

3 750€ for the entire 2-year program 

Payment in full on the date of your registration once your application has been accepted or possibility to pay in several installments

  • In 3 installments, without any additional fees: 1 250€ in June, 1 250€ in September and 1 250€ in December (thus a total of 3 750€) 
  • In 2 installments: 1 990€ on the date of the subscription; 1 990€ twelve months later (thus a total of 3 980€). 
  • Monthly installments: 24 monthly payments of 180€ during 24 months, from June (starting on the date of the subscription) to May (of the year N+2) (thus a total of 4 320€). 

Applications within a vocational training program

According to the conditions previously established on estimate and after acceptance and signature of an agreement: 4 960 €.

A deposit cheque of 1 250€ is required (it will not be cashed).

The payment of the tuition is done according to the same modalities as individual subscriptions. You can also pay by trimester, i.e. 8 installments of 620€, or according to the conditions contained in your contract and previously signed with your vocational training organism or your employer. 

The training program offered by the Institut de YogaThérapie is referenced on DATADOCK database (general database referencing Vocational Training Organisations and ensuring their quality).

The training program offered by the Institut de YogaThérapie is eligible for professional training and its tuition can therefore be taken in charge by a professional organization as part of a vocational training plan. In this case, a training agreement is signed between the IDYT, the student and the professional body. A deposit cheque for the totality of the tuition will be deposited by the student at the beginning of the training and returned as soon as the payment is received by the said organization.

Payment modalities : payments are made by bank transfers. 

Due to the present COVID 19 sanitary crisis, no presential classes are planned at the moment. 


It is possible that for organizational or pedagogical reasons, changes may take place.

Following the COVID 19 pandemic, there are no more presential classes. They have evolved into a different form, i.e. into integral e-learning.

Practical training has been replaced by practical workshops which take place in groups of five students in all autonomy.

One video is produced per group every year.