Since the start of the 2019 school year, the training program has evolved into 

an integral e-learning training program

Submissions are closed for the year 2020

But you can already submit your request for a subscription file that we will be sure to send you at the start of the month of March 2021



  • The training program lasts 2 years. All the courses are held in French and the thesis must be written in French as well. 
  • It includes the entire yogatherapy training program implemented since the creation of the IDYT (1993), that is to say more than 25 years of experience gathered during presential classes ! 
  • The 2021 academic year will be the third promotion in e-learning.
  • The training is integrally in e-learning (following Covid 19).
  • The training program includes :
  • Sound slideshows and quizzes sent out each month.
  • Monthly webinars (web conferences)
  • Audio and video recordings to practice mastering the tools of yogatherapy (postures, breathing, meditation, relaxation)
  • Yoga sessions in video or audio
  • Complementary written documents such as consultation forms, prescription forms, questionnaires, and explanatory sheets to fully complete the consultations.
  • A library of articles
  • Videos demonstrating the use of the tools (12 videos per year), featuring Dr. Coudron and Corinne Miéville demonstrating in role play the tools reclassified in the form of 12 objectives per year
  • Practical workshops grouping five students each and which are carried out by the group in all autonomy :
    – to help students train to conduct a consultation ; 
    – at the end of these workshops, students are to produce a twenty-five-minute video per group featuring themselves. 

This training program represents, over two years, approximately 284 hours of online training, 270 hours of personal work and 40 hours in workshops (in groups of five). It requires a total of 594 hours of theoretical and practical work.

To obtain the diploma, you must : 

  • Have viewed all the slideshows, studied all the lessons and practiced all the exercises.
  • Pass and validate the exam in the form of a quiz at the end of each year, which takes place between the 15th and 30th June. A September session is possible. Validating them is necessary to validate the training program. 
  • Participate in the practical workshops grouping five students in order to train yourself to conduct a consultation. Produce one video per year (one video per group of five students). To stage yourself in a consultation. 
  • Produce a thesis at the end of the two years on a clinical case. This thesis can be presented (in progress) either in person or on pre-recorded video. 

A diploma is awarded at the end of the training program, once it has been validated.

A personal work

Throughout the course, you will receive numerous teaching aids (audio courses, audio slideshows, quizzes…) which will require you to work personally and continuously over the two years. You will need to plan approximately 3 to 5 hours per week of work at home to master the teachings (specific tools with the practice of postures, breathing exercises, meditation, but also understanding yogatherapy with the study of the theoretical courses, preparation of the thesis, research work, reading of books and old memoirs …).

You will also need to plan time for group work the practical workshops of five students to practice conducting a consultation and produce one video per year. 
This time is equivalent to 594 hours over the two years of the training program. 

Adapted teaching material

Evaluation at the start and end of the course

Before starting the training, you will receive a link to a quiz questionnaire by e-mail. This “pre-test” that you will be able to do online will allow us to evaluate your knowledge. In addition, it is mandatory for the continuing education.

This evaluation will also be done at the end of your training.

A continuous evaluation

After each module, you will receive a link to evaluate your work by means of an online quiz. These quizzes last approximately one hour.

At the end of each year, an exam in the form of a quiz takes place at the end of June with the possibility of a second session in September.

Presentation of the thesis

Each one-year module is followed by a validation exam, and the course ends with the presentation of a thesis in front of a jury of professionals and IDYT alumni.

The thesis can be presented in person or via telepresentation or video.