Le vrai nom du bonheur est la sérénité - Ed. Kéro sept 2018 (not yet translated in English)

Today, in order to find inner peace, more and more of us are turning to ancestral techniques that have proven themselves for over thousands of years, such as yoga, meditation, acupuncture, but also to a quality of life through the search for a balanced diet and more natural rhythms of life, convinced that this is how we will be able to recharge our batteries and find ourselves again.

These methods, which consider man in his globality as an indivisible whole, are now validated and enriched by the latest scientific discoveries and by neurosciences

On the basis of my experience as a teacher for over thirty-five years, I offer you, through this book, a real method that is within everyone’s reach

By implementing a new philosophy of life, associated with the practice of meditation, breathing exercises and a few simple physical exercises, we quickly discover a new way of being. Thus, we are better armed and prepared to reconsider our life habits that lead to the loss of natural rhythms and values, to frustration, stress, fatigue, insomnias, anxiety, various addictions… in order to create new habits as sources of serenity and happiness. 

It is by rediscovering a serene mind in a soothed body that we then gradually release all our resources present within us to access happiness, which becomes the first step towards a full and conscious life.

La Yoga-thérapie - Ed. Odile Jacob (not yet translated in English)

The practice of yoga is much more than just gymnastics. It is a way of life, and above all, it is a coherent and comprehensive whole that can help to heal very numerous disorders, whether they be physical or psychological. 

The present book does not limit itself to enumerating postures and their characteristics, rather it develops as concretely as possible the applications of yogatherapy. How can you efficiently fight against back pain or chronic digestive disorders? What exercises should be practiced when suffering from osteo-articular, respiratory or neurological disorders? How does breathing influence emotions? Does food have a role to play and, if so, how can we make the most of it? What are the benefits of meditation and how can it be practiced well?

Based on the most recent scientific studies, one of the best French specialists hands you the keys that will allow you, at all ages of life, to be the first actor of your healing. To stay in perfect health or to find it again ! 

La Yoga-Thérapie, by Dr Lionel Coudron, Odile Jacobs Editions.

Le Yoga : Bien vivre ses émotions - Ed. Odile Jacob (not yet translated in English)

Yoga is not only an affair of postures, it is a real way of life. Among its numerous benefits, it can help you in your personal and emotional development, and it can allow you to better live with yourself and with others. 

Through a multitude of simple exercices, you will learn in this book how to better manage your emotions and your stress as well as how to achieve peace of mind by putting your well-being and health first, and this at all stages of life. To stay in perfect health, learn how to better manage your emotions and achieve greater serenity.

Le Yoga : Bien vivre ses émotions, by Dr Lionel Coudron, Odile Jacob Editions

Mieux vivre par le yoga - Ed. J'ai Lu (not yet translated in English)

The universal virtues of yoga are well known. But how can one easily get started in this discipline? Here is for the first time a book on yoga, clear, effective. Far from fashionable pseudo-philosophical speeches, Lionel Coudron privileges the concrete search for balance and harmony. Toning and relaxing sessions are described with precision. The presentation of the different yoga postures has a single objective: well-being. Breathing techniques and psychosensory exercises help us to regain health, flexibility of our body, control of our emotions and peace of mind. Numerous photos are combined with concrete and attractive text. A book to regain self-possession and discover the unsuspected forces that lie dormant within us.

Mieux vivre par le yoga, by Dr Lionel Coudron, J’ai Lu Editions

Se soigner par le yoga, by Dr Lionel Coudron and Ms. Corinne Miéville - Ed. Odile Jacob (not yet translated in English)

Eight books are dedicated to the psychological and somatic disorders in the yogatherapy collection of the Odile Jacob Editions. 

They aim a building a support for each person from from beginning to end to understand and act. The state of mind, the mechanisms, the protocols… are accessible to everyone.

Emphasis is placed on a global and holistic care with nutritional advice, rhythm hygiene and relationship with others in addition to postures, breathing exercises and meditation.

Le guide pratique du jeûne - Ed. Terre Vivante (not yet translated in English)

A complete guide to therapeutic fasting and fasting for well-being.

Risks, precautions, contraindications and indications of such a practice are detailed in this book. Fasting is a integral part of yogatherapy without being obligatory.