At the end of the 2-year training program, the Institut de YogaThérapie continues to train you and to inform you of ongoing events through the Institut de YogaThérapie post-training network, which you may join. 

At the end of the 2-year program, you have indeed acquired the necessary tools of yogatherapy, but these tools keep evolving and it is necessary to keep training yourself in order to maintain up-to-date knowledge. It is an important way to ensure the quality of your consultations by bringing the best possible care to your patients and/or students. 

By joining the Institut de YogaThérapie post-training network, you remain trained and informed of all the new developments and studies. You can exchange on your own experience and on other’s experiences in the fields of yoga and its application to health, i.e. on yogatherapy. 

Joining the Institut de YogaThérapie post-training network enables you to :

  • Have access to e-learning material, i.e. have access to the whole training program. This is the case for both yogatherapists trained in e-learning (i.e. the current promotion of students) and the alumni, having already completed their training in presential. 
  • Be registered in the directory of yogatherapists. 
  • To receive the “Journal de la Yogathérapie” (in French), our monthly bulletin that allows you to remain informed of any new studies and events, as well as of various practical exercises. 
  • Attend the webconferences organized for the current training program. They are held once a month and may include guest speakers. 
  • Maintain access to the “hotline”, which allows you to ask directly by email all and any question relating to your situation. You will therefore receive personalized answers to all your questions and address all the difficulties you may encounter during your yogatherapy consultations. 
  • To participate to the continuing education training day at a preferential rate. The continuing education training day is held once a year, on a Sunday during the month of November (the day that follows the presentations of the thesis, on friday and saturday). During this training day, a large portion of the event is reserved for Q&As. 

The fee for joining the post-training network for a year is 196€. 

It is essential for one’s professional activity to take out a professional liability insurance. Normally, you already benefit from one in a personal capacity as a yoga teacher and/or health professional. You should ask your insurer that the terms: yogatherapy and yogatherapist are indicated in your insurance contract. If this is not the case, they should be added. (If your insurer does not cover you, please contact us for the contact information of an insurer who can).

It is also highly advised to contract a professional legal insurance as a yogatherapist (with your insurer or contact us for information concerning insurers).